Located where Switzerland meets France and Germany, historic Basel is surrounded by the Jura and the Black Forest, a picturesque frame for this intensely cultural city. Art lovers will adore this medieval, yet modern city, and its many fascinating museums and outdoor activities.

 Things to do and see:

  • Visit one of Basel's 30 museums, that range from high art to history to culture.
  • Take in one of many theater performances.
  • Cross the Rhine in a small ferry boat.
  • Climb the 11th century cathedral tower.
  • See the exotic animals at the Basel Zoo.

Visiting surrounding areas:

A commercial hub, Basel offers train, air or water options that will let you explore the rest of Switzerland, France or Germany.

Optional Excursions:

  • Guided Walking Tour of Basel: Stroll through Basel's well preserved old town and learn about the humanist movements of the town that was once home to Erasmus of Rotterdam.
  • Rhine Cruise to Augusta Raurica: By Rhine steamer to the Roman site of Augusta Raurica to visit its ancient temple, amphitheater, basilica, curia and a replica of a Roman villa housing finds from excavations.
  • Three Country Tour: Explore three countries today as you delve into Switzerland, France and Germany. Discover the diverse cultures and scenery as you enjoy this full day event.